Installation, Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance

J.C. Eisenbrey & Son offers a full line of air conditioning services for your home.


We install all types of air conditioning units for small, large, and multi-family homes. Whether you need to replace a worn, outdated unit, or you are upgrading from window units to central air, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son can install the product you need. Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home environment with a product that fits your home’s architecture and your lifestyle. Complete with the latest technology in thermostats, you can keep your home’s temperature a little higher when you’re not home through Smartphone application control. We’ll help you save on energy costs and offer you a product that will last for several years.

Air Conditioning Repairs

From adding more coolant to complex repairs such as replacing the compressor, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son makes all types of air conditioning repairs. Whether you’re sweating without air conditioning in the middle of summer or you want to make sure your unit is working before summer arrives, call us to make sure your unit is performing at its best.


Regular air conditioning maintenance can prevent major repairs from costing you a lot of time and money. J.C. Eisenbrey & Son offers one-time and scheduled seasonal maintenance, which includes cleaning all parts of the unit, inspecting it for potential repairs, and more, depending on the type and age of the unit.


Whether you choose to professionally install your air conditioning unit or simply want to buy one, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son has top of the line air conditioning products in stock. We can also custom order parts or entire units. Contact us to find out more details.

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