Installation, Furnace Repairs, Maintenance

J.C. Eisenbrey & Son offers a full line of heating services for your home.


We install gas and electric furnaces for homes that need replacement systems, as well as furnaces for newly constructed homes. Our contractors survey new properties to determine which product will best heat the home, based on the age and type of windows and doors, how many levels are in the home, architectural style, and the lifestyle of the inhabitants (whether they are home or away more often). We also offer the latest thermostat technology, with modern options, such as remote access from your Smartphone. J.C. Eisenbrey & Son can educate you on the benefits of gas versus electric, and whether a switch may provide you with a more comfortable home environment.

Furnace Repairs

If your furnace is not heating as it should or has stopped working altogether, call our heating experts in Milford for fast and efficient repair service. Whether there is loose wiring, a blown fuse, a broken compressor, or any other significant problem, we can make a quick estimate on the repairs needed to get your home warm again. If replacing your furnace is the best option, we will advise you of that and help find a suitable product for you.


We also offer maintenance services, which we recommend at least once a year. Getting your furnace inspected and cleaned, or making minor repairs made before it gets cold outside can save you from more major repairs. We professionally clean your filters, check your pilot light, inspect and lubricate all components, and suggest any additional repairs we think will be necessary.

Hook Ups

J.C. Eisenbrey & Son If you recently moved into a new home, or had to disconnect your furnace for remodeling or during severe weather, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son provides system hook ups. We’ll make sure all the necessary cables, wires, and other connection components are available in and working order, then connect your system as soon as possible.

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